For The Record

To all our devoted readers and followers, and we know there are many.

For the record, the TSC has tabulated the records of all the writers who contributed to and predicted the outcomes of the Major League Baseball playoffs. By doing this, we can name a TSC Baseball Playoff Champion and the winner gets … BRAGGING RIGHTS!

Rules for this competition:
1) Choose a team from each series and see who wins.
2) The winner, if a tie between two or three writers occurs, shall be decided by who choses the World Series Champion.

Cam Tucker: 4-3 (including choosing the World Series Champion)
Hosea Cheung: 4-3 (including choosing the loser of the World Series)
Thomas Miller: 2-1 (didn’t predict Round 1, but a commendable effort nonetheless)


“It feels great, I’m so glad I stuck with the Red Sox through out the playoffs.” – Cam Tucker, while playing “Shipping off to Boston” by the Drop Kick Murphys



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