What’s Wrong With New York?

Drury GomezIf Vancouver fans think their team is not playing to par, just take a look at the New York Rangers.

This is a team that The Sports Corner chose to reach the Stanley Cup finals prior to the season and our pick was pretty justified. How so? During the offseason, the Rags made a major splash in the free agent pool by signing Scott Gomez and Chris Drury to large, inflated contracts.

These two highly-touted offensive players complements an already threatening attack in New York that already features superstars Jaromir Jagr and Martin Straka, along with veteran Brendan Shanahan. Not to mention youngsters Nigel Dawes, Petr Prucha and Marcel Hossa. On paper, this team’s offensive power is scary.

Taking a look at the standings today, the Rangers are LAST in goals-for with just 19 in eleven games. They sit twelve in the Eastern Conference with 4 wins, 6 losses and 1 OTL. Hate to say it, but these stats are very unacceptable for a team that made such huge headlines during the offseason.

And how has Drury and Gomez done so far this season? The former has recorded eight points with only one goal and seven helpers, while the latter only has two goals and one assist, totalling to a whopping three points. They are definitely not earning their paychecks and it shows with where the Rangers are sitting in the NHL standings.

It seems as if New York has returned to its old form that fans witnessed a few years back.

Remember the days when they signed high priced players only to see them falter in the scoring ranks. Take Bobby Holik for instance, to say he underachieved is an understatement as his scoring ability dropped faster then A-Rod’s stats in the playoffs.

Jaromir JagrIs this the case with this year’s New York Rangers? Are they reverting back to their high-paid-roster-fail-to-make-playoffs team?

Maybe Jagr is really missing last season’s linemate Michael Nylander. It just might explain his stunning lack of contribution early this season, which has only begun to pick up.

Maybe it has to do with chemistry. Maybe it’s going to take a few more games before this team gets familiar with each other, fully click and put more pucks into the opposing net.

Whatever the case, the forwards need to step up. Right now, the Rangers are heading towards the direction of becoming the laughing stock of the league, a title that belongs to the Toronto Maple Laughs.

The Rags need scoring, period.

And we’re hoping that New York turns it around, so we at TSC won’t be completely embarrassed with our prediction.


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