TSC Top 25: Did I Miss Something?

There were no shocking upsets or losses tagged to top five teams … finally! College football managed to maintain the status quo for one week, at least as far as this season has gone, it was ridiculously tame.

A number of top 25 teams were beaten but mostly by ranked opponents. Virginia Tech to unbeaten BC, Florida to rival Georgia, South Florida to UConn, USC to Oregon, Penn State to Ohio State, Rutgers to West Virginia and Cal to unbeaten Arizona State.

A week where I have nothing to complain about is a week with little to write about.

  1. Ohio State– This is a scary team. The offense is actually winning ball games. Wisconsin is the toughest test to date but it’s in Columbus. The Big 10 still comes down to OSU-Michigan.
  2. Oregon– Big win vs. USC last week propels them into the national title hunt. Letdown vs. Arizona State this week puts them in the stockade. Is this the Oregon team that finally takes care of its business?
  3. LSU – Alabama this week could disrupt plans for a national title. After the trip to Tuscaloosa it’s home free with three games they’ll be favoured by 20 points in.
  4. Boston College– I had hoped for a Virginia Tech victory on Thursday night and Matt Ryan spoiled the fun. Florida State is a team in turmoil. The final four games are all potential pitfalls but each team (FSU, Maryland, Clemson and Miami) has been inconsistent throughout the season. Boston College may be a lock for the national title game if none of those teams steps up.
  5. Oklahoma– The Big 12 can’t challenge OU. It will be interesting to see where they’re sent in bowl season and if they can slide back into the national title picture with teams losing ahead of them.
  6. West Virginia– Like OU, West Virginia won’t be challenged in its remaining games and will need help to make a run at the crystal ball.
  7. Missouri– Second best team in the Big 12 and Big 12 north champions sounds nice for head coach Gary Pinkel and company. Next year could bring national recognition if Chase Daniel sticks around.
  8. Arizona State– I still can’t buy in. Largely because I haven’t seen a single game they’ve played (my cable package sucks). This week I’ll be able to catch the ASU – Oregon game and get a better read on this team.
  9. Georgia– Running back Knowshon Moreno is a horse and Mark Richt will ride that horse right to the SEC title game.
  10. Texas – All Mack Brown does is win 10 games every year. Who knows, it might just get him fired. How long does it usually take for national championships to wear off on fans these days? 3, 4 years?
  11. USC– Trouble in Trojan town? maybe. But Carroll has enough talent at his disposal to right the ship. Losing another game is entirely possible with both ASU and Cal left to go. That would make USC the best 3-loss team in history.
  12. Michigan– How did you get here? I can’t wait for November 10th vs. Wisconsin and 17th vs. OSU. The Big 10 sure knows how to back-load a schedule.
  13. Kansas– Last week’s win vs. Texas A&M was impressive but we can’t know anything about the Jayhawks until they meet Missouri. The Big 12 is simply too weak.
  14. Alabama– Can Saban beat LSU? Fans will think he really is Bear Bryant.
  15. Hawaii – They keep moving up. It angers me. Note to voters, don’t move up teams for beating lesser opponents.
  16. UConn – That fake fair catch two weeks ago is still phasing me.
  17. Virginia Tech– They were two minutes away from keeping their top 10 ranking and knocking off BC. Now they’re just another two-loss team. They have to travel to Georgia Tech this week for another Thursday nighter.
  18. Florida– Tebow-mania has calmed for the time being (thank god). Only two weeks until Meyer vs. Spurrior III.
  19. South Florida– They had a BCS spot with their name on it until those fair catch fakers over at UConn took it away. Cincinnati this week should be a difficult matchup.
  20. Clemson– How can you not love James Davis and CJ Spiller? Here’s hoping they can spoil the BC party in three weeks.
  21. Tennessee– Fulmer’s still got them ranked, but not high enough, he’s getting canned very soon. Losing to Kentucky in the regular season finale won’t be good for business.
  22. Penn State – Can you fault them for losing to #1? I can. At least until they start using Derrick Williams effectively.
  23. Auburn – SEC teams are impossible to rank.
  24. South Carolina – SEC teams are impossible to rank.
  25. Wisconsin – There’s still an outside shot of the Badgers winning the Big 10 if they win out and get some help from Illinois and Michigan State.

26th vote for Kentucky and the great things Rich Brooks is doing in Lexington. Hopefully life after Andre Woodson be prosperous for the Wildcats.


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