Kobe’s Krapshoot

Kobe BryantThe L.A. Lakers are in dangerous territory.

How so? Although nothing has been officially completed yet, I think everyone one knows that sooner or later, their superstar Kobe Bryant will be traded.

The big question is ‘to who’ and ‘when’.

Rumours involving Bryant has been a hot topic amongst water-cooler gatherers in the past few weeks, and it’s not going to stop until he gets dealt.

The most common possible blockbuster idea floating around the league was Kobe being traded to Chicago with Luol Deng going the other way. But Bryant came out and stated that he will veto any trade involving Deng. Why? Simple, he needs and wants someone “good” to play with. So a possibility of that trade was squashed.

But a three-way deal speculations started making its rounds around the rumour mill recently.

It also involved the Bulls, with Sacramento being the third team. This deal would send Bryant to Chicago, Bull’s Ben Wallace and King’s Ron Artest going to L.A., and the Kings getting Ben Gordon and P.J. Brown.

But again, these rumours were squashed. This time by Bulls GM John Paxson.

“There’s not a deal done,” said Paxson. “There’s not going to be a deal done. All the things that were out there were really unfair to all of us who were trying to do our jobs. It’s just such a complicated thing and we kind of put it to rest now.”

But as sports fans should know, just because he came out and said that the trade isn’t going to happen, you never know.

In my opinion, the Lakers need to get rid of Kobe Bryant soon. It’s no mystery that he’s unhappy with his surroundings after demanding to be traded this off-season, and then taking back his statement after, but having it brought back up again. Bryant isn’t going to play 100 per cent for the Lakers, because it’s obvious he’s not motivated.

The team is making it publicly known that they don’t want him and he is making it known that he doesn’t want to be there. It’s a hate-hate relationship at the moment.

The Lakers need to get as much as they can for Bryant as his era in the yellow jersey is slowly ending, whether fans want to admit it or not.

Obviously the biggest name out there on the trading block is Kobe, and the deadline isn’t until February, but don’t expect Los Angeles to wait that long.

KB will be gone soon, and the Lakers won’t be the same ever again.


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  2. Was up i think dat kobe will b traded but he wont try as hard as wen he was w/ da lakers if he doesnt get traded hell just retire.

  3. Was up i think dat kobe will b traded but he wont try as hard as wen he was w/ da lakers if he doesnt get traded hell just retire.

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