Scott’s Thoughts

Ed Willes has his, I have mine.

  • I’m really glad I didn’t watch the Seahawks’ blow a 21-3 lead to Cleveland, thank you Colts and Patriots for not subjecting me to that ridiculousness, and actually letting me watch a good football game.
  • Apparently the GMs in the NFL that had the top five picks in the draft last season are starting a club where they watch Adrian Peterson’s record-breaking 296 yard rushing game over and over again and cry about what could have been. That is a good Chargers defence he dismantled.
  • Why did Luc Bourdon finally play well on Friday? Simple. It’s the first time nothing was expected of him.
  • Who cares if the Lions won an ugly game? They set a franchise record for wins in a season, with the bulk of those coming from the arm of their third string quarterback. Saskatchewan is going to beat Calgary, and as much as I hate to say it, the ‘Riders haven’t even seen Dickenson yet, and you know Buono’s gonna start him, and you know the Lions are going to win.
  • Give it to the end of this week and Sidney Crosby will surpass Henrik Zetterberg for the scoring lead.
  • Scott Rintoul is a better writer than I would have thought.
  • What is with this Canucks’ schedule? 3 day layoffs followed by back to back games and span of 21 days where they only play divisional games? It’s about time they do something about it.
  • Sure, trade Kobe to Chicago. Then you have the Chicago Lakers. Good on ya.

2 Responses

  1. OK guys, your wife or girl friend has just about had it with the post season, besides its over. Maybe you better make up for ignoring her for most of January. How about a early Valentines gift from 1-800-Flowers, 25% off”

  2. howabout you get the fuck off my website.

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