David Beckham in Van City

Beckham VancouverFor those of who don’t know, David Beckham and the L.A. Galaxy are coming to Vancouver to play the Whitecaps at B.C. Place Stadium tomorrow night.

Over 47,000 tickets have been sold and 46, 999 are going to watch Beckham run, kick and … okay you got me. 46, 999 are there to see if his wife will show up. That must be it, because as I see it, no self-respecting individual (other than Scott McKenzie) would pay to go watch this overrated superstar.

I said it. Beckham is overrated. I will admit that yes, soccer is a very athletic game and the goals and saves – as rare as they are sometimes – are a great illustration of just how athletic you have to be to master this sport.

But let’s face facts here folks. Beckham hasn’t done jack for the game of soccer in North America since coming over from across the pond. He has been a constant disappointment with injury after injury and all the while, he’s raking in more dough than majority of Canadians will this year. And we idolize this guy … why?

I hope, that for the people who paid money to go watch one player for the better part of two hours, that Beckham stinks up the joint and all 47, 000 fans walk away from B.C. Place in disappointment, thinking ‘what the hell did I just pay for?

Another thing.

BeckhamListening to the Beckham press conference this afternoon and hearing some of the comments that came out of not only the star attraction himself, but Bob Lenarduzzi, general manager of the Whitecaps, made me sick.

Beckham, playing the ‘good guy, everybody love me, pretty boy role, actually said that he would play soccer for free.

Okay, then why doesn’t he? I’ll call him on it right now. Because he wouldn’t. If the Galaxy came to him and said “David, we want you to play for us, but we’re not going to pay you,” David would’ve told them to go take a long walk off a short bridge.

Lenarduzzi said that he felt Beckham won a lot of the people over with his comments in the press conference. No kidding he did. You tell people what they want to hear and add in an innocent and sincere tone of voice, they will open their hearts to you in the drop of a hat.

Know why he is coming to Vancouver? Money. Do not buy into his ‘play soccer for free’ crap.

People that are going to this game (other than Scott McKenzie) fell for an overrated, grossly over-paid, pretty boy like he was dishing out millions of dollars to each ticket holder.

Sorry soccer fans, the only thing Beckham will be dishing out tomorrow night is disappointment.


5 Responses

  1. My, you’re a little annoyed aren’t you? Even if you don’t rate Beckham, why not hope things turn out better than you expect instead of worse? That Beckham, and the other 21 guys on the pitch tonight, are in great form and that everyone who paid good money to attend see a great game of football.

    And why ask Beckham to play for free for a profit-making institution? His owners aren’t working for free. Clearly he’s referring to the fact that he would love playing whether or not its what he got paid to do.

    Finally, I’m not sure who the “we” is that idolizes him. I certainly don’t, but I also don’t judge him a constant disappointment based on what he’s done for soccer in North America since coming over — four months ago. He arrived injured, played injured, and paid the price with a second injury. It happens. I’ll wait and see how he plays healthy before making my judgments.

  2. You make a good argument. I will say, however, that I wasn’t asking Beckham to play for free. I was simply saying that if Beckham is going to make such a comment when he gets paid millions upon millions upon more millions, then why not call him on it? It’s easy for him to say something like that -whether he loves the game or not- where as a teacher would say ‘I’m not teaching for free.’

    Easy for him to say that, but if you’re going to talk, then maybe try backing it up.

    Thanks for the comment though, I really appreciated your take on it and I hope that you did enjoy the game.

    Cam T

  3. Was that Scotty Mack streaking again? hahaha.

    Don Taylor said it was Craig McEwen, then changed it to Jody Vance later, haha. Nice.

    I’m surprised Beckham played 72 minutes, but 0-0, bleh.

  4. “46, 999 are there to see if his wife will show up.”

    Beckham touched the ball and people cheered like crazy.
    ’nuff said.

  5. Wow, I would expect that Beckham would touch the ball, he did get 72 minutes of playing time.

    Dan, if you felt like you or other people got their money’s worth just because David Beckham touched the ball than that’s great. I would argue that I would’ve gotten my money’s worth had Beckham set up a goal or scored a goal himself.

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