TSC Top 25

  1. Ohio State
  2. Oregon
  3. LSU
  4. Oklahoma
  5. West Virginia
  6. Missouri
  7. Kansas
  8. Georgia
  9. Michigan
  10. Boston College
  11. Texas
  12. Arizona State
  13. USC
  14. Virginia Tech
  15. Auburn
  16. Florida
  17. Alabama
  18. Kentucky
  19. Hawaii
  20. Clemson
  21. Cal
  22. Virginia
  23. Wisconsin
  24. UConn
  25. Tennessee

26th vote for Florida State knocking off BC and ending the Matt Ryan for Heisman campaign for the time being.

Of note: 

Of the 9 teams with one loss that are ranked in the AP top 25 only Arizona State and Missouri lost to teams ranked ahead of them (Oregon and Oklahoma who both have one loss).

Oregon lost to Cal who is ranked 24th and has a record of 6-3. LSU lost to Kentucky who is tied with Cal at 24th with the same record. Oklahoma lost to Colorado who is unranked and has a record of 5-5. West Virginia lost to the now unranked South Florida who have a record of 6-3. Boston College lost to unranked Florida State with also a 6-3 record. Connecticut lost to now 22nd ranked Virginia with an 8-2 record. Boise State lost to Washington who are just 3-6 and just 1-5 in the Pac 10.

Virginia and UConn pose a problem. UConn has made a great case for themselves over the past three weeks beating Rutgers, Louisville and South Florida. Virginia has a similar record and won the head to head matchup. So why aren’t they ranked accordingly? Look at their body of work.

UConn’s three biggest wins came in those games just mentioned. Virginia’s big wins have been Wake Forest, Maryland and Georgia Tech. While neither showcase is awe-inspiring, South Florida were the darlings of the media after beating West Virginia and that win alone gives UConn instant credibility.

I don’t condone fake fair catches and hope to God that Cincinnati can beat UConn this week and put an end to this fiasco.

But it’s not the only thing pissing me off this week.

Hawaii continues to close in on the top 10 in the human polls despite a lack of substance in their schedule. In the USA Today Coaches Poll (which accounts for 1/3 of the BCS formula) UH is 12th. Thus-far, their signature win is against Louisiana Tech who has a record of 4-5. The final score in that game? 45-44. Until they actually play someone how can they move up? I’m not a fan of pushing someone up by default. Get your shit together pollsters.

I’ve ranked Oregon ahead of LSU because there’s little chance Oregon can actually pass LSU. If the two played on a neutral field LSU might be favoured by a field goal. If the two played in Eugene, Oregon would be a touchdown favourite. Alabama just about put LSU’s title hopes to bed last week and showed that even a team as talented as that can be beat on any given week. That said, if LSU wins out they’ll be in the national championship game. The only possible loss for LSU remaining is in the conference championship so you can bet Oregon fans will be cheering on whoever their opponent may be in that game.

So the jumbled SEC east will play a major role in determining the national championship matchup though it will not participate in it. Right now Tennessee controls its own destiny. The remaining schedule is vs. Arkansas, vs. Vanderbilt, at Kentucky. All they have to do is keep winning as they hold the tiebreaker over Georgia. If the Volunteers slip up and Georgia wins out, they’re in. They play against Auburn and Kentucky at home to close out the regular season. (Their final game vs. Georgia Tech will not count in this race since it is out of conference)

Florida stands a loss behind both teams and has only South Carolina left to play in the SEC. Since the Gators beat Tennessee and lost to Georgia… If UF beats South Carolina, Tennessee loses any of its remaining games and Georgia loses to both Auburn and Kentucky… UF is in.

Kentucky also still stands a chance of getting to the SEC title game closing out their season at Vanderbilt, at Georgia and at Tennessee they can win their way in with a little help from South Carolina. If South Carolina can beat Florida (who beat Kentucky and hold the tiebreaker over them.) and Kentucky wins their remaining games… UK is in.

Vanderbilt can play the spoiler role and will be looking to become bowl eligible as they stand at 5-4 right now. They’re the one team in the SEC east that can’t reach the title game but they can sure make things interesting.

Ducks fans will have to swallow their pride and become Bulldog/Volunteer/Wildcat/Gator fans. And the same goes for the other one-loss teams who must also hope Oregon is ousted by either Arizona, Oregon State or UCLA.


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