Here’s Your Reason to Watch College Basketball

Kentucky Gardner WebbGardner-Webb University, an unknown school when it comes to NCAA hoops, just knocked off Kentucky by a score of 84-68, and led the entire way through, leaving Rupp Arena in complete and utter shock and putting Billie Gillespie’s job in serious jeopardy.

It’s just not supposed to go down like that. Big schools beat small schools because they have more money and recruiting powers.

And this is why we watch sports. This is why we go and see movies like Glory Road.

When a virtually unknown team beats the winning-est team in Division One history, it’s not because they’re bigger, faster, or more skilled. It’s because they flat out have more heart.

Keep your eyes on Gardner-Webb, we could have an epic sports movie in the making right before our eyes.

One Response

  1. Love the thoughts–I do root for the underdog more than anything else, but because it’s happened to two teams in my beloved Big 10, I am a little embarrassed for these guys who take these teams lightly and play as if it were a pickup game. For the little guys, this is their Super Bowl, and kudos for not backing down…

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