Sean Avery At It Again

Sean Avery

It seems like at least once a year there is a complaint, a scuffle, a fight or a disciplinary act involving New York Rangers agitator, Sean Avery.

Once again, on Saturday, Avery was the focal point of attention during the warm-up between the Rangers and the much-hated-themselves Toronto Maple Leafs as he and Darcy Tucker (the Leafs you-know-what disturber) got involved in a pre-game scuffle after Avery had allegedly made obscene comments towards Jason Blake and his fight with cancer.

Now, while the league can’t really prove that Avery said something to that affect, one has to think that he said something downright low for Tucker to take such exception to it.

The last time allegations were made against Avery, they were for alleged racial remarks towards then Oilers enforcer, Georges Laraque.  Avery denied ever making racist comments to the now Pittsburgh Penguin.

Okay, seems fair to be let off the hook, after all it was a one-off.  But now this has come up.  It is hard to believe Avery when he denied not having said anything derogatory towards Blake’s fight with cancer.  How could two totally separate accusations be pinned against this guy?  Come on, everyone hates him but not to the point where people are going to make up stuff to make Avery look like the world’s biggest you-know-what.

Does Avery fight?  Yeah he does and when he decides to drop the mitts, he’s quite good at it.  The big question is: Does Avery back his talk up?  Not all the time and there’s where the problem lies.

Being a former junior hockey player myself, I have heard some of the best slams on other players, definitely had some thrown my way and even tried to dish some out myself, but they didn’t quite turn out the way I imagined.  The only difference is, when guys ran their mouth in junior, they backed it up as best as they could.  It can be universally agreed that we have all seen Avery turtle from guys who have simply had enough of his BS.

When someone runs their mouth then turtles, there’s a problem and that problem can be resolved by either shutting their mouth or being held accountable.

Trash talk will always be a part of the game, in fact, it’s probably one of the more entertaining aspects of the game of hockey and in all sports.  But there is a line between trash talk, and talk that holds no place on the ice.  If a player feels the need to get his competition of their game by bringing race or personal issues into the mix then that player doing the talking simply isn’t good enough to play in the NHL.  The Rangers went to arbitration with Avery this summer because the organization believed he is a detriment to a team. 

As tough as Darcy Tucker can be, in Avery’s case, he’s just lucky it was Tucker he was dealing with and not a guy like Tie Domi or Wendel Clark.


2 Responses

  1. And yet, it’s how he’s at his most effective! Without Avery, the Rangers would be a lot worse than they are! And he can score some, too! He’ll surely get what he deserves, but it may just be later rather than sooner!

  2. I think he was more effective last season. He had a big game against the Leafs, but I think that his antics will not only hurt himself, because someone will pop him (like Deon Phanuef a few years ago with that massive hit) and do some serious damage, but to his team. Like the Rangers said in arbitration, he can be a detriment to his team and it could, one day, cost his team a win or a playoff series. He has to become better at picking his spots and eventually guys like him do. But I agree, like most NHL’ers would, he is effective. My question is: For how long??

    Nebnuck, how often do you visit our page? If you don’t mind me asking?

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