Common Theme in Sports This Week?

There seems to be a recurring theme in the sporting world this week.

Trash talking.  Seems to be what all the members of the sports media want to talk about and all that the athletes and fans want to do to their opponents or rivals.

The latest case of talkin’ smack happened in Toronto, where Argos linebacker Kevin Eiben came out in a Winnipeg newspaper and stated that the Blue Bombers offence wouldn’t score more than 10 points against the Argo’s stingy defence.  That is the ultimate beak.  Talking like that makes for good headlines and an incredible tension going into the game.  If you’re from Winnipeg or a Winnipeg player, you say “wow, that mo**f**r, he wants to talk like that then we’ll throw it right back in his face.”  If you’re an Argo or an Argo fan, you might say “wow, he seems confident, but are you sure you want to awake the sleeping giant?”

Let’s face it.  Reading quotes in the paper or seeing clips on television of a player just come out to the media and outright belittle the other team is awesome because it’s entertaining.  That’s what makes sports and question period in Parliament so interesting. 

The only problem with talkin’ smack is backing it up.  Talking the talk is one thing and if you can’t do it, well then sports and politics may not be for you.  But if someone talks some trash, they better be willing and able to back it up, otherwise they look like a fool.

Blue Bombers quarterback Kevin Glenn declined to comment on what Eiben said the other day.  Okay, so it’s not nearly as entertaining as it could’ve been had Glenn slung some mud back in Eiben’s face, but it was smart. 

Here’s why.  Had Glenn commented and then rifled back some smack of his own and then gone out on Sunday and been dismantled by the Argos defence, then he would like a fool.  A complete and utter fool.  If he keeps his mouth shut and let’s his play on the field do all the talking and absolutly stomps on Eiben on the scoreboard, then he looks like a focused, determined hero.

So he didn’t bark back.  We in the media were a little upset he didn’t, because then we could write article after article on the drama that is said in the dressing room leading into the game, ultimately our job.

The one good thing about the Lions and Roughriders not beaking off to each other is that they seem quite focused to do their talking on the field, the way it should be.  These are two titans were the two best teams in the CFL this year, so why lip off each other.  It would make for an interesting story line into the game, but the fact that it’s Saskatchewan and their mascot Gainer the freaking Gopher and 98% of all Saskatchewan-born-residents-turned-Vancouverites are still part of Roughrider Nation is story enough.

Ahh trash talking.  The most entertaining aspect of sports leading up to a big game.  Hopefully for Kevin Eiben and the rest of the Pinball Clemons-led Argos, they can back it up.


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