Finally, One More Week Left.


I tried to give the CFL a chance this year.

It failed.

Yes, the rules can produce an astoundingly exciting game, but when a team isn’t playing particularly well the results can be disastrous. The end game sequence especially.

The game’s final three minutes can draw comparisons to a basketball game. There’s simply no conceivable way to run down the clock. Of course you can run the ball twice and force the other team to use two timeouts but that doesn’t offer much of a chance towards getting a first down.

I just can’t stand orange penalty flags or yellow coach’s challenge flags. I hate no yards penalties and calling delay of game, a “time clock violation“.

There’s no use for the wider field or the twelfth man and ditto for 20-yard endzones.

If I have to hear another announcer talk about two and outs … let’s say I’m welcoming the apocalypse.

This part isn’t exclusively to the CFL or even just to football but if another sports analyst uses something that rhymes for his keys to the game I’m going to snap.

Then I’ll never have to write about this disgrace of a game again.

What’s the point of scoring a single point? (when it isn’t the PAT)


5 Responses

  1. A bit bummed that the Lions lost, eh? 😉

  2. I wasn’t really attatched to this lions team so the loss meant nothing to me. the game on the other hand was atrocious. I feel like I wasted three hours of my life watching it. I could’ve been watching the west virginia vs. cincinnati game that i taped the day before. But no, I had to sit through that shit.

  3. Well Thomas, if that is your real name, perhaps you just don’t know football like we all hoped.

    Enjoy NCAA football, if you can even call it that

    Cam Tucker

  4. Hosea, I’m not digging the bullet format.
    Cam, enjoy being five feet tall, if you can even call it that.

  5. Finally the CFL has arrived for another season! I agree, the 3 minute warning can produce 3 touchdowns.


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