Football Finale

So did you watch the Grey Cup game? Ya, neither did I.

Congratulations to the Saskatchewan Roughriders for winning their first title in however-many years, but honestly, we don’t care. The battle of the Prairies sounds about as boring as Bob Cole’s voice.

I watched the highlights of this match, and maybe it was an entertaining showing by both teams, but who am I to judge since I didn’t even watch it, right? Let’s ask those who actually tuned in to the game. Anyone?

Maybe besides the Toronto fans, who showed up to watch Lenny Kravitz perform, and of course, the loyal supporters of the competing squads, there wasn’t much generated interest. It just wasn’t appealing.

Call me bitter, call me sour, it doesn’t matter. A majority of CFL fans will tell you that they would prefer to watch the league’s best B.C. Lions take on the “supposed” home team, Toronto Argonauts. But unfortunately, both teams were eliminated last week in the Conference finals. 

So here we have it, this Sunday, the Grey Cup final. The CFL Glory.

And Canadians across the country were presented with a Winnipeg – Saskatchewan match-up. Maybe I’m not the right person to say it, but it seemed like just another ticker headline. 

Still on the subject of football, I was really impressed while watching the Kansas City Chiefs game today. I don’t know why but I’ve always been a big fan of K.C.’s running backs and Kolby Smith was no exception. Priest Holmes has always been one of my favourites and Larry Johnson is unbelievable as well. Smith had a great game today, and scored two TDs while producing some potential highlight reel runs.

Nice to at least see some form of good football today. 


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