Bert’s Back In Town!

Todd Bertuzzi

Finally the hockey game we have all been waiting for.

 Todd Bertuzzi’s return to the place that made him a superstar, as well as the place that helped bring down that stardom.

Bertuzzi, finally healthy and playing, comes into town in maybe the most anticipated return to Vancouver by a professional hockey player since Pavel Bure, yet I offer up one question: Who gives a you-know-what?

Everybody in this city is so wrapped up about whether or not the hulking winger will be booed or cheered in the place that made him a hero and a zero in the span of of eight seasons with the Canucks.  It doesn’t matter what reaction this guy receives because quite frankly, he isn’t worth a reaction.

Yes, you heard correctly and here’s why he isn’t worth a reaction.

He didn’t do anything.  Okay, he put a lot of points on the board in the ’01-’02 season when him and Naslund were combined on a team that got beat out in the first round by the Detroit Red Wings.  He put up a lot of points the following season as well, including just two goals in 14 games during the playoffs in which the Minnesota Wild came back from a 3-1 deficit to beat the Canucks in the Conference Semifinals.

Then there was the year after that, where the “most dominant power forward” signed a brand new, multi-million dollar contract with the Canucks.  That was the year he demolished Steve Moore after posting just 17 goals until the fateful night.  He was on pace for 21 goals.  Bertuzzi then got suspended for the rest of the season and was reinstated following the NHL lockout, but not before the Canucks were eliminated by the Calgary Flames in the first round prior to that lockout.

The following year, Bertuzzi scored 25 goals and produced 71 points and was minus 17 in 82 games.  If memory serves correctly; the Canucks didn’t make the playoffs.

Now, not all of the past playoff and regular season failures are Todd’s fault, but for a guy that gets paid the amount of money he did in this city and for the hype that follows him about how great a hockey player people think he is, he did nothing.  Naslund can be considered in that category too.

The mark of a great player – which some people believe Bertuzzi to be – is measured by success in the playoffs. Bertuzzi hasn’t done anything in the playoffs to be even recognized as a good hockey player.

What is lost in this outrageously ridiculous situation is the fact that there is a hockey game between the defending Stanley Cup Champs and a team that is striving and has the potential to be champs themselves.  The Ducks knocked out the Canucks in the Conference semi’s last year and physically dominated the series, dating back to the regular season.

The focus that matters is the game between the Ducks and Canucks and this game will be a huge indication of what kind of a team the Canucks really have this season.  The Ducks have struggled to establish dominance, and being the defending champs, they should be played accordingly.

Todd who?


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