Parents and Sports Don’t Mix

This weekend, I had no choice but to take in my sister’s ringette game against a much stronger opponent.  Don’t get me wrong, ringette is a fast and entertaining sport that deserves respect because of the coordination and athletic ability you need to play the game.

This piece is not meant to bash the sport.  This piece is meant to bash to parents of this sport.  I show up at the rink, freezing cold from the snow and wind outside that already put me in a bit of a bad mood.  That being said, I go to take a seat in the stands when a throng of maybe eight-or-so parents who I didn’t know come and join me in the uncomfortable seats.  No problem, I’m not anti-social.

The one of them, a women in her early forties, opens her mouth and suddenly it hits me.  This was going to be an absolutely brutal game.

In the first period, my sisters team was losing 4-1 and not executing their systems very well at all.  That being said, you can imagine that the parents, particularly this “fan” starting yelling and mumbling under their breathe things like “oh my God this is brutal, why can’t we break out?

After just twenty minutes I had to go sit somewhere else by myself because I didn’t expect there to be any bandwagon Canucks fans at a ringette game in which the oldest player is 17-years-old?  Listening to these parents was nauseating because they all seem to know everything about the game and they all seemed to know what the players should and shouldn’t be doing at every second of the game. 

Cheering is one thing, but how can parents be so critical of their kids, who are there to participate in these sports simply for fun?  Ringette, in particular, is not a sport with major opportunities to advance in.

The worst thing for amateur sports are the parents that live vicariously through their children. 

It puts a negative spin on something that is meant to be competitive but FUN!  It’s unfair to put such negative pressure on people playing a game for fun and not only that it’s nauseating. So if you’re a parent who criticizes the play of your kids’ team, then shut up.


2 Responses

  1. gotta love minor sports, hey ctucks?
    have you seen the footage of the 8-year-olds fighting in a game in ontario? it’s hilarious, this one kid lands a few but really it’s just a bunch of kids falling down. and then the coaches got into it. good times.

  2. Yea man I saw that, how ridiculous was that? What was even the point of all that? We had a brawl against 100 Mile in Midget AAA in a tournament when I was 17, by the end of it there were fights in the stands, cops showed up from kelowna RCMP, Vernon RCMP and Penticton RCMP. It’s not on youtube though, kind of disappointed.

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