If the NFL Had an NCAA-Like Bowl System…

Everybody figures college football would be better off with a playoff system, and everybody’s got their own version of how that playoff should look.

It’s sickening to have to listen to the anti-BCS rhetoric every five minutes when the old system in college ball was even worse.

I’ve decided to enter into an alternate dimension where the NFL plays in the NCAA style bowl system instead of the playoff model.

Since at this point of the season all the teams have played 12 games, their win-loss records look like college teams.

National Championship game : New England 12-0 vs. Dallas 11-1

The top team in each conference gets a bid in the national championship game. This decision was made easier by the Dallas win against Green Bay and the Pats utter dominance of everyone else. Since there really is no BCS formula in this world, it went by best win-loss record.

Rose Bowl : Green Bay 10-2 vs. San Diego 7-5

The Rose Bowl committee gets their wish with the classic Big 10 vs. Pac 10 match-up, at least regionally, since those conferences don’t exist in the NFL… even in an alternate dimension. San Diego was a bit of a stretch here at 7-5 but there was some concern Seattle wouldn’t bring enough fans down to California and the draw of LaDanian Tomlinson should sell this out.

Fiesta Bowl : Jacksonville 8-4 vs. Seattle 8-4

The Jaguars might not win their division but this is a favorable match-up for them in Seattle, who wanted to play in the Rose Bowl. A Fiesta Bowl victory would be huge for recruiting in Florida, where Jon Gruden has been dominating lately (what the f*ck? recruiting in the NFL? this dimension is strange).

Sugar Bowl: Indianapolis 10-2 vs. Tampa Bay 8-4

The two south division champions battle in New Orleans. Indy had hopes of winning the national title in back to back years but injuries derailed those hopes. Tampa is about where they expected to be and a win against the defending champions would secure their strong hold on the state of Florida.

Orange Bowl: New York Giants 8-4 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers 9-3

Tiki Barber couldn’t get the Giants into the BCS last year, so this is a bit of a coup for Eli Manning. If they can beat the Steelers it’ll do wonders for his confidence. Ben Roethlisberger, on the other hand, is looking to improve his resume that already includes a national championship.

Cotton Bowl: Tennessee 7-5 vs. Cleveland 7-5

The Cotton Bowl committee was hoping Houston would be bowl eligible as a Houston – Tennessee match-up would be popular in the state of Texas. Cleveland, though, has a large fan base and an exciting offense. Both are young teams who should be playing in the BCS within the next few years.

Gator Bowl: Minnesota 6-6 vs. Arizona 6-6

It’s slim pickings at the bottom of the barrel but Adrian Peterson makes this game a must see. It’s been hard recruiting to Minnesota in recent years and much of the team’s success will depend on Tavaris Jackson’s development. Arizona’s injured young quarterback Matt Leinart would really drive ticket sales if he returned to the lineup in time.

Outback Bowl: Detroit 6-6 vs. Buffalo 6-6

Not a lot of people expected these two to be bowl eligible, except Jon Kitna, who figured the Lions would be playing in the BCS. The Lions have lost 4 straight though and Buffalo’s Marshawn Lynch should be able to shred them and keep Detroit’s high powered offense off the field and out of rhythm.


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  1. That was fun. Interesting take.

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