Why Chris Simon Should be Banned for Life

Chris Simon

Honestly, how can anyone watch Chris Simon’s latest antics and not be disgusted?

The New York Islanders’ goon had a little encounter with Pittsburgh Penguins forward Jarkko Ruutu along the benches last week. While Ruutu was down on the ice, Simon proceeded to step on Ruutu’s skate with the bottom of his own skate blade. Yes, the sharp part.

If Simon had aimed a few inches higher, it could have easily sliced Ruutu’s calf tendon, causing a serious Bieksa-like injury. The difference, however, with the Bieksa incident was that Simon’s actions were not accidental.

Anyone who has watched the clip will see that Simon looks down at Ruutu, lives up his own leg and stomps onto the Pens agitator’s skate. Lucky for the Finland native, he was not injured.

But after a review of the incident, the NHL disciplinarians decided to hand Simon a 30-game suspension, which is an NHL record. Who had the previous record? Oh look, it’s Simon again, who had just finished serving a 25-game sentence for slashing Ranger’s Ryan Hollweg in the face with his stick.

Wouldn’t this be an easy decision for the league? Maybe there should be a 3-strike and you’re out stance, because right now, Simon has a 8-strike and well-I-guess-you-can-still-return punishment pending. This is the mentally-unstable hockey player’s eighth suspension in his NHL career. Is that not enough to ban him from the game forever?

He might have some problems, he might have some issues, but the NHL needs to get smart and prevent this man from returning. In doing so, they just might be preventing another future attack that can cost some other player’s career. Simon’s actions against Ruutu was sickening, and it’s not what hockey is about. 

The Islanders admit that Simon needs help, Simon himself know that he needs help, so the NHL has an easy opening to step in and help out by not placing Simon in any similar situation again. If he’s not in the position to assault a fellow player, then he won’t be able to do so. 

Simon doesn’t contribute anything significant to the league except reoccurring black marks on it’s image. He is the face of what-not-to-do in the NHL. 

Gary Bettman and Colin Campbell needs to stop pansy-ing around and give a firm judgement on Simon. Ban him from the NHL for life. It’s not a hard choice, and I’m sure many will agree with the verdict.

Thirty games is harsh, but the harsher reality is that Chris Simon does not belong in the NHL. 


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