Nappin’ On The Job

Ray Emery

The Ottawa Senators are mired in controversy right now.

No, they haven’t lost seven games in a row, in fact they have won three games in a row and have gone 8-1-1 in their last 10 games.

The controversy stems with their $3.1 million per year goalie Ray Emery and his recent antics of late, which include showing up late to practice due to an apparent illness that was specified today as being a case of just sleeping in.

For those who aren’t up to par with medical journals, laziness -which is what sleeping in and being late for practice is- isn’t an illness, but it can be a cancer to a hockey team.

Emery, for lack of a better term, is a character.  He has flair and a huge chip on his shoulder and that is evident with his out-of-this-world suits and his swagger on and off the ice.  He likes the attention.  It may suitable to say that he is the Sean Avery of goaltending. 

So far this season, Emery has played in only 12 games compared to 58 games last year and has put up a record of 5-3-3 and a below average save percentage of .891, compared to now No. 1 goalie Martin Gerber who has an 18-5-1 record and a SV% of .926.

It is understandable how Emery can be frustrated, but the problems go beyond just lack of playing time.

It has been well documented about Emery missing flights and getting in car accidents on his way to games.  What does all this mean?  It means that his head simply isn’t on hockey like it should be, especially for a goalie that led the Senators to the Stanley Cup finals last year and a goalie that is frustrated by his lack of playing time, despite being out-played for that playing time by Gerber.

Emery is a good goaltender when he wants to be.  He has great athleticism and is a competitor when it counts, but his attitude has to change.  It doesn’t matter if your Emery, Roberto Luongo, Todd Bertuzzi or the retired Steve Yzerman, you have to get up every morning, go to the rink and work your bag off each and every day to get playing time and most importantly of all; to win.

The Sens back-up goalie is lucky he has God given talent enough to even play in the NHL and the way he acts, it could be easily taken away from him with one more act like sleeping in.  If he had’ve slept in and been late for work at any other job, he would’ve been fired on the spot and not simply sent home.

What Emery did by sleeping in was childish and disrespectful to his teammates, his coaches, his team and the fans of the Ottawa Senators and this goalie needs a severe shot in the head and a change of attitude if he wants playing time, to win and respect from his teammates and around the league.


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  1. I’ve always liked Emery way better than Avery or the likes, simply because he’s always smiling and happy around the team. He doesn’t go out of his way to be a pain in others’ backside, and though sometimes he gets into trouble, in general he genuinely seems to love the game.

    Still, the fact that he’s handling his demotion so poorly sucks. To not show up to practice on time is really inexcusable, especially if he wants to win the job back from Gerber. I was looking forward to him showing Gerb up, but instead he’s letting it slip between his fingers.

    That’s really too bad.

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