Absolutely Perfect

Randy Moss Tom Brady

The New England Patriots defeated the New York Giants 38-35 in one of the most exciting and competitive games of the season from East Rutherford, N.J. as they achieved a perfect 16-0 regular season record.

Give the Giants and fourth-year quarterback Eli Manning (who completed 22 of 32 passes for 251 yards and four touchdown receptions) credit because they fought tooth and nail and pushed the Patriots defence and offensive weapons Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Laurence Maroney to make big plays and key points in the game, which Bill Belichick’s squad did and that is why they went undefeated all season.

New England is also the first team since the 1972 Miami Dolphins to enjoy a perfect season, which is a feat in itself.  That being said, the most impressive quality about the 2007 New England Patriots is just how they went about being a perfect team.

Individually, the Patriots were dominant and all four of the new NFL single-season records walk hand-in-hand with the individual performances of Moss, Brady, Maroney and the diminutive, yet explosive Wes Welker who caught 112 passes for 1,175 yards on the season.  

On a night when the main focus was on achieving a perfect regular season record, Brady broke the NFL record for most touchdown passes in one season by connecting 49 times with his receivers in the end-zone.  Moss broke the NFL single-season record for most touchdown receptions with 23, surpassing Jerry Rice’s 22 touchdowns.  As a team, the Patriots set the single-season record for points scored in a season with 589, surpassing the 1998 Minnesota Vikings who recorded 556 points that year.

Not only did the Pats set four single-season records to solidify their perfect season, but they led the league in total yards per game with 411.2 and passing yards per game with 295.7. 

Bill Belichick

If there is one question mark with this team going into the playoffs, it will be their defence.  Defence wins championships, but it may just be said that Belichick’s theory of defence is that the best defence is a great offence.  It is hard for opposing teams to score points when their offence is kept off the field by Brady and the various offensive weapons he has to choose from.

One point worth making as the NFL regular season comes to a close and the real football begins, is that not a whole lot of people wanted the Patriots to achieve a 16-0 record.  At The Point in Port Moody, B.C. last night, the majority of football fans there wanted to see the Giants pull off the upset, which they almost did anyways. 

It seems like a bit of a sad commentary on the sporting world when the fans that go to the games, the pubs and watch the NFL from their living room television want to see a team not achieve perfection.  Some of that has to do with the spygate controversy from earlier in the season, but once Belichick was disciplined for his deception, his team simply went on a tear and systematically picked apart their opposition.

Whether you like the Patriots or not, you have to give them every ounce of respect you can for this team.  They went 16-0 and did it in such a dominating fashion that the exclamation point may not be able to fit Gillette Stadium.

Now that the Pats have achieved their perfect season, they turn their attention to the Super Bowl.  As impressive as their season was, it would be even more impressive if they went on to the win the prize that really matters. 

Now, the new season begins and the Patriots, like the the other 11 teams that will compete for the Super Bowl, are one loss away from elimination.


4 Responses

  1. There was actually a lot of people at the Shark Club cheering for the Patriots, but ya, there were a few not wanting them to win either. Good read Cam.

    Hosea C

  2. Good post. I’m impressed they pulled it off; Are they the only team other than the dolphins to manage this, or is it that they have to win the Superbowl to match the Dolphins’ record?

  3. I’m looking into that as we speak…

  4. Apparently they would be the best team ever if they went on to win the Superbowl. The Dolphins faltered.

    Pretty cool to think that we could witness history!

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