Forsberg Belongs In Vancouver

Peter Forsberg

Okay, before I start explaining my bold claim, the question of ‘why Peter Forsberg’ comes to the mind of some readers I’m sure.

My question is, why not Forsberg? Especially come playoff time, Foppa should be the weapon of choice.

The injury-proned Swede has 154 points in 133 playoff games, putting him in the top 25 all-time playoff points leader board. Also, only one player above him in the rankings have played less games, and that would be Brett Hull.

Vancouver would be a great destination for Forsberg. The Canucks need him, and he needs a cup contending team.

With childhood friend Markus Naslund already on the roster and a handful of familiar Swedes on the squad, Vancouver makes for an appealing location. The Ornskoldsvik native has come out and stated that he wants to play on a team worthy of capturing the Stanley Cup.

A few cities he publicly suggested were Colorado, Nashville, and Philadelphia. One of those squads are currently not in the top eight of their conference, while the other two, Avalanche and Flyers, are on the brink of the playoff separation line.

Vancouver has one of the best goaltenders in the NHL, and one of the deepest defensive corp in the league. Forsberg would provide a much needed offensive punch to the Canucks’ attacking force, hence solidify the overall eliteness of the team.

Reports are saying that Forsberg is skating again after his injury earlier this season, while playing overseas. And so rumours are circulating again as to where this high-priced sniper will land.

Originally, Vancouver would not have been able to afford Forsberg at the price tag he demands, but that is very different now.

Without spending to the cap limit, the Canucks have saved $2.021 million and can use that amount for the remaining season. Also, the injuries to Brendan Morrison, Jeff Cowan, and Kevin Bieksa have freed up even more space on the salary spreadsheet.


Morrison makes $3.2 million this year, but since he’ll be out for around half of the season, that means the Canucks can use $1.6 million of his saved contract. Whenever a player is placed on IR, a team can claim that money and not apply it to the cap hit. Same goes for Cowan and Bieksa, even though they are only making $725,000 and $525,000 respectively. Vancouver probably saves around $500,000 on those two combined.

That’s around $2 million extra due to long-term injuries and players being placed on the injured reserve list.

Add that to the orginal $2 million free cap space and GM Dave Nonis has around $4 million to work with for the remainder of the year. That means he can use it all up by signing Forsberg to, let’s say, an $8 million per year contract. Since the season is halfway done, Vancouver will only have to pay him $4 million. Not to mention Nonis will probably consider trading away players to free up room on the roster, and some extra cash on the cap.

If Forsberg signs for $6 million, then the Canucks will pay him $3 million, leaving another million for more depth acquistions. You get the idea. And all that without having to give up something valuable off the roster.

Vancouver needs a top six forward. Forsberg needs a cup-winning capable team.

It’s a match made in hockey heaven. Right? 


8 Responses

  1. I’d rather not have Forsberg, after having seen the Nashville experiment.

    Truth is, the team was rolling for a while there. They have chemistry coming out their wazoos. Throwing in the big centre would throw everything off.

    I agree that they could use more scoring punch. But Forsberg isn’t much of a long-term solution — he’s bound to retire soon! — and he comes with a hefty price tag and the risk of throwing the rest of the team off. I’d much rather they began looking at getting some high-talent prospects or younguns, then an aged, beaten veteran.

  2. I’d rather not have Forsberg either and here’s why. He’s as fragile as a piece of glass. It looks great, can get the job done…BUT…one hit, one mistake and this guy could break just as easily as glass can and he comes with such risk that it’s not even worth spending the money on him. He should’ve gotten it through his head that his hockey career is over.

    Cam T

  3. I’m not saying we sign this guy for long term at all. I’m saying we pick up Forsberg for the playoff run. The reason I suggest this is because we don’t have to give up anything for Forsberg, whereas a prospect or young gun will require us giving the same in return. There is enough money to have Forsberg on this team for this playoff run, and as fragile as he might be, he is dominant when healthy. There is no one available out there who is more capable to produce in the playoffs then Peter Forsberg.

    And we don’t have much to give up for offensive production without messing up any chemistry. Forsberg won’t have too much chemistry problem playing with a bunch of Swedes. Also, Nashville was thrown off cause Vokoun had season ending surgery, or that disease thing, not just cause of Forsberg.

    Foppa can produce, and plus he’s a Canucks killer. He wants to come back, I rather have him on our team then say, Dallas? Detroit?

    Hosea C

  4. Forsberg Sundin Naslund !!!

  5. Forsberg Sundin Naslund = Un afford able

    come on people. Forsberg is still hurt, he has been on and off skates for at least 8 months due to pain in an ankle and despite treatment, that pain will not go away! This guy’s career is over. He can’t do anything to help the Canucks in the short term because he is too fragile. Forsberg was a great player, maybe one of the best all-around players ever to play hockey, but his time has passed.

    Sundin. too much money and no one, even the Leafs, want to take on the likes of Matt Cooke or any other Canuck that would free up cap space for a top tier player. Sundin would be the best of the two (Sundin, Forsberg) to trade for because he still has it, Forsberg doesn’t.

    Cam T

  6. […] get me wrong, I would love to have Forsberg on this team, as well as Hossa or Sundin, but Jokinen would fit perfectly fine as a […]

  7. There is no one available out there who is more capable to produce in the playoffs then Peter Forsberg.

    There is no one available who WAS more capable. The problem is, we haven’t seen a healthy Forsberg since he was in Colorado. Can anyone really say that he’s going to come to the team and dominate? No. And I reinforce that staking our hopes on him right now is just overlooking the future. I don’t want to be another Toronto Maple Leafs, working to build a mediocre team again and again each year. The Canucks are starting to look like a consistently good squad, but that final boost needs to be one that can keep them good for a while!

  8. But honestly, you can say that about anyone out there. If we got Sundin, how will we know if he’ll score in the playoffs? Same goes for Hossa, or just about anybody. It’s a risk. And I personally would risk it on Forsberg, but I’m not the GM and maybe it’s a good thing, haha.

    I agree with you that we need that extra something to win it all because we have a lot of things going right for us right now.

    Hosea C

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