Rick Nash, How D’ya Do?

If you missed it, last night showcased a potential winner for the NHL Goal of the Year. Yes, if the season ended now, I would choose that goal, no questions asked.

Columbus Blue Jacket’s Rick Nash not only capped off a three-point night with this incredible tally, but he also scored it with 21.5 seconds left in the game to give his team a 4-3 victory over the Phoenix Coyotes. Asides from maybe some Jonathan Toews’ early season beauties, there is no competition when it comes to Nash’s sick-yet-skin-tingling goal.

He managed to get a lead pass up the ice, putting himself in a one on two situation against Coyotes’ defencemen Keith Ballard and Derek Morris. With insanely-fast dekes, he managed to go around one, then both, of these blueliners. Then he kicks the puck across the crease, to his stick, where he completely leaves goaltender Mikael Tellqvist in no-man’s land, and puts it into the open net.

Okay, writing about it doesn’t give it any justice, you have to watch it.

Wow, just wow. 


One Response

  1. Beaut, that’s for sure! Best part about it is how deliberate each movement was. You see some pretty fancy deeks where the guy is done before it started and you wonder how he thought that quickly. Really, they didn’t… they just reacted and it worked. In this case, though, the moves are slow and precise. He knows how to get around them, and does it consciously.

    That’s a wow!

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