Pretty Funny NHL Commercials

So I was just browsing around when I came across these two commercials they had on the site. Both links contain the same commercial to start off with, but the second ad in both are different. 

My personal favourite is the one with the Pittsburgh Penguins fans. 

Note: The guy in the red-shirt in the first commercial works at the Rogers Video in Ironwood Richmond. Yes, some B.C. material in these ads. 

Enjoy. Commercial 1 Commercial 2 

While on the subject of NHL commercials, here are a couple of pretty funny Verizon Wireless NHL ads:


And my personal favourite…


4 Responses

  1. Heh, I liked the one about “he doesn’t play for us.” They’re all decent ads, although the Verizon are the better-humoured ones! You seen the road trip? That’s probably my favorite yet!

  2. Haha the road trip is a classic.

    “Ovechkin” – Crosby 😀

  3. Anyone remember/(know where I can get) the hockey commercial from a couple years ago where they only spoke saying player names. I remember one clip was of a picnic.

  4. espn used to run some really funny hockey commercials during the playoffs several years ago…best one was a kid walking alongside his bike as some bullys come by and start pushing and punching him, knocking the bike down, then he gets real mad and attacks em, and the camera freezes on his anger face and says ‘this is what it feels like to play playoff hockey’

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