Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Tom Brady

This Sunday could a monumental day.  On Sunday, the New England Patriots have a chance to win the Superbowl, and in doing so, going a perfect 19-0 on the season.

Sunday, if you think about it, could be one of those days that when we are all old and grey with back problems and several grandchildren, we can look back on and tell our families and whoever else will listen to our pointless stories of wisdom and bravery that we witnessed the best team ever in the history of professional sports.

I remember when I was 18-years-old and my grand-dad telling me about the day he listened to the fight between Cassius Clay – later to be known as Mohammad Ali – and Sunny Liston. It was when the true People’s Champ won the Heavyweight Championship for the first time, in what would be one of the most prominent and controversial careers in sports.

Listening to this story, I wondered if I would ever have the opportunity to bear witness to such a dominant athlete or team in my day and be able to share stories of how good they were to those who will want to listen to me yammer on.

When the NFL season began in September, who could have seen this?  A New England Patriots team going undefeated throughout the regular season and the playoffs.  No matter what you think of the Pats or their mad scientist for a coach Bill Belichick, you have to give them all the respect you possibly can.

This team has been dominant.  On both sides of the ball, there has not been a team that has come close to the calibre of football that the Patriots play.

Eli Manning

You have to think that the New York Giants will be pumped up to compete and try to spoil the Patriots’ perfect season, and you almost want to see them win because they have been a tremendously good football team since their regular season loss to New England on Dec. 29.  New York lost that game 38-35 and it showed that they might be good enough to challenge for a Superbowl berth.  The Giants went into Tampa Bay and kicked the Buccaneers to the curb, then they went into Dallas and ate all of Terrell Owens’ popcorn, and finally they played in sub-sub zero temperatures in Green Bay and beat the Packers in overtime. 

By the way, that sub-sub zero was not a typo. I felt that it was so cold, the extra sub is justified.

But the Giants magical run through the playoffs, as heroic as it has been, will come to an end against the Patriots. Call it fate, but the Patriots have a chance to be recognized as the best professional sports team ever. And it feels like the gods of sport wouldn’t have it any other way.

As much as people might want to cheer for the underdog Giants, many people want to see the Patriots go perfect. Sunday could be the greatest day the sporting world has seen in quite a while, so enjoy it because this may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


4 Responses

  1. “the god of sport?” wtf?

  2. YA GIANTS!! I’m a huge Giants fan, i’ve always loved Michael Strahan

  3. The god of sport, apparently, thinks the whole cheating and being a douchebag thing is a bit too much to overlook.

  4. I’m gonna say the Giants win over the Patriots and there’s a spectacular catch involved for the Giants.

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