Mariners Trade for Bedard Finally Goes Through.


It took long enough. Erik Bedard, welcome to Seattle. 

The Canadian lefty will inject some youth into the Mariners rotation. Though Bedard, who will turn 29 this year, isn’t exactly a kid, their rotation was looking a little geriatric. 

The four other pitchers in the starting rotation will be Miguel Batista, Jeff Weaver, Jarrod Washburn and Felix Hernandez, the first three being in their 30’s. 

Of the bunch, Washburn was the only lefty, other than the rarely used Horacio Ramirez that is. With another good lefty in the mix the Mariners should be in position to compete for the AL West crown.

Since both Oakland and Texas have been pushed to the back of the pack the Angels seem to be the only real competition. Last year, in what looked to be a rebuilding year, the Mariners managed to compete for the wild-card until September when the Yankees ran away from them.  

If they can keep Los Angeles within striking distance there’s no reason to think they can’t make a playoff appearance. 

Andre Beltre

The Bedard deal sent five prospects to Baltimore. The only player expected to play a role for the M’s this season was Adam Jones, so getting the pitcher didn’t cost the team much for this season. 

Big name acquisitions the Mariners have made in the past few years haven’t exactly worked out the way Seattle had hoped.

Adrian Beltre hasn’t come close to the numbers he put up in that MVP season in L.A. His home runs the past two seasons combined (25, 26) barely beat out that one year (48). Richie Sexson has also seen his power numbers steadily decrease since arriving in 2005. He even hit for a career low average (.205) last year and his on base percentage (.295) was its lowest since his rookie year. 

Here’s hoping the Mariners have found a player that can adjust to playing in the Pacific Northwest. If Bedard can produce, the Mariners will find themselves in another playoff chase. 


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