Forsberg Back in Colorado


For all that it’s worth, Peter Forsberg has come back to the NHL after spending three-quarters of the season in Sweden nursing an injured foot.

The lucky, or unlucky, team that Forsberg has sided with is the 10th place in the Western Conference Colorado Avalanche.

The following is nothing against Forsberg, because he was great, and nothing against the Avs because they have won a Stanley Cup in the past decade, while the Minnesota Wild, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks have not.

This move by Colorado may look good on paper, but in reality, this deal makes absolutely no sense.

Around this time last week, Forsberg and his agent both said that it was unlikely that the Swede would return to the NHL this season due to his injured foot that has caused him nothing but trouble while trying to rehabilitate it with the Swedish national team earlier this NHL season.  Now, all of the sudden, after seeming hell bent on not coming back this season, his foot is suddenly good enough to withstand competitive hockey for the next month-and-a-half and maybe the playoffs.

One issue that makes this deal look like nothing more than a team trying to grab the headlines away from Mats Sundin and the Toronto Maple Leafs is that Forsberg simply doesn’t have the juice anymore to compete in the NHL.  If it’s not his foot, it’s a shoulder or back or wrist or hand injury that keeps the former superstar on injury reserve and thus disrupting the chemistry or flow that the players in the line-up have by bringing him in and out of the line-up.

A week ago, Forsberg believed his foot just couldn’t hold up in the NHL.  Was that not a red flag with sirens sign from the Hockey Gods that this guy is untouchable by his own withdrawal?


By signing a guy like Forsberg, the Avs have put all their eggs into one basket.  Whether or not Forsberg stays healthy and plays well – which in itself is a question mark for a guy who has missed three-quarters of the season with a foot injury (for those that don’t know, you need healthy feet to actually hold you upright on the ice and help propel a person in any direction on the ice) – won’t hide the fact that Colorado doesn’t have the defence or the goaltending to make a serious run at the Stanley Cup.

The Avs have 172 goals-for this season, despite missing names like Joe Sakic, Ryan Smyth and Paul Stastny.  Not bad.  Okay, here is where the old cliche kicks in.  Defence wins championships.  Well, Colorado has allowed 174 goals-against this season.  Jose Theodore and Peter Budaj have, for the most part, platooned the goaltending duties in Colorado, and although their numbers combined are terrible, they’re not good enough to compete with the likes of Roberto Luongo and the Marty Turco in the west.

Instead of looking for a quick fix and short-term inspiration by signing Forsberg, perhaps Avalanche vice president and general manager Francois Giguere may have been better off by picking up a goalie or a defenseman to help this team keep pucks out of the net.  They don’t need scoring, they need a defender.

Forsberg isn’t either, not anymore.

5 Responses

  1. Wow, I think some of the people on the Avs were reading this post last night. I’m a hockey genius………..and I just commented on my own post, wow!

    Cam T

  2. I guess they did read it, ha ha ha. Adam Foote and Ruslan Salei should work very well. Ok, even if hypothetically, Forsberg doesn’t play well, Colorado got defenders as you said they needed to, and Forsberg only costs money, not players or draft picks, so that’s not really much of a loss. On paper, Skrastins for Salei seems to be an extremely good deal for the Avalanche. I’m not sure if it will be ultimately, but with Foote, Salei, and Liles (even though he’s a pretty offensive kind of guy), I don’t think that the Avs will continue to be plagued by bad defense.

    Because I’m an Avs fan, here’s to hoping your foot gets stuck in your mouth on this one. *Hopes for 40 points in 18 games for Forsberg, and then an Avs Stanley Cup Victory!*

  3. Bring back Bourque! haha. The Foote deal was given to the Avs. Foote wanted out and only to Colorado, and Columbus was stuck trading him or losing him to nothing in the offseason. I can still see the Avs choking though.

    Hosea C

  4. Yeah, bring back Roy too, and then we’ve got the whole gang… that would be the day. While we’re at it, Lemiux and Kamensky too please?

  5. Haha, don’t forget Deadmarsh and Uwe Krupp!

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