NCAA Brackets Released


Time to fill out the ol’ bracket but I probably won’t have mine done for another few days so here are my immediate observations. 


Let’s start with the toughest bracket, the East regional in Charlotte. 

North Carolina is the overall number one seed, and rightfully so, but Tennessee should not be in their region.

Up until the Vols lost in the conference tournament they were being talked about as the final No.1 seed. 

Since the NCAA uses an S-Curve, the worst No.2 seed would be in UNC’s region.

That slots the Vols behind Texas, Georgetown and Duke.

The Longhorns get to stay in-state if they make it out of the first round

The Vols are saddled with playing the best team in the country if they can even manage to make it that far. 

A second round matchup with either South Alabama or Butler won’t be easy and S.Alabama would get to stay in-state, although UT is no further from Birmingham (site of rd.1 games) than S.Alabama. 

If the bracket held form, they’d draw Louisville in the third round, I don’t envy this Tennessee team at all, in fact, I think they got screwed. 

The East is difficult top to bottom.

Indiana as a No.8 is very low considering their talent.

They haven’t played great ball since the Kelvin Sampson debacle but if they get hot they can give UNC real problems. 

Notre Dame and Washington State make this bracket deep. There are no gimmes anywhere. 

I like UNC to reach the final four here but feel like Indiana can’t be slept on and that will be a very good second round game… assuming the Hoosiers show up against Arkansas in round one.

Carolina doesn’t have to leave the state for a single game until the final four in San Antonio. 


The winner of that region will face whoever comes out of the Midwest regional in Detroit. 

I was hoping Portland State would get a 15 seed but they landed into the 16 spot and will get drilled by Kansas.

This should be a cake-walk for the Jayhawks until the Elite eight. 

A lot of people are jumping on the Clemson bandwagon but I’m not buying it. Their first round game vs. Villanova will be tough and their second round game vs. most likely Vanderbilt won’t be easy either. I don’t think Clemson will make it out of the first weekend. 

The USC-Kansas State game should be fun to watch. Both teams will have a chance against Wisconsin in the second round.

Kansas State won’t have to travel far for this game and I think they get the win there.

Georgetown will most likely be Kansas opponent in the elite eight unless Davidson, who get to play in-state for the first two games, can be this year’s cinderella as a 10-seed. I like them to beat Gonzaga in round one.

I think Georgetown will be in the final four out of this region. 


On to the West, where most people have already crowned UCLA winners. 

They do get to stay in-state, which is nice, but this is a deep region.

No.9 Texas A&M, No.13 San Diego, No.11 Baylor and No.10 Arizona are all capable of making an upset or two and making a run in the tournament. 

Of those teams I like Baylor to advance the furthest. 

I’m really looking forward to the potential UConn-UCLA sweet 16 game but it’s possible the Huskies won’t make it that far and the Bruins stroll into the elite eight. 

Duke is my pick as the national champs this year, which pains me to say since I’m a Carolina fan.

The first part of the draw shouldn’t cause them a whole lot of trouble unless Arizona decides to live up to its potential. 

I’m probably not giving Xavier enough credit. If they get to Duke, that’s where their run ends. 

Duke is my second No.2 seed in the final four.


Now for the most difficult bracket to forecast in the tournament, the South.

How Oregon got a No.9 seed is beyond me but it matters not. I can see them beating Miss State but they’d have to get ridiculously hot to beat Memphis. It’s possible, seeing what they did last year as proof, but unlikely as the Tigers will play the first two games just across the state line. 

A Pittsburgh and Michigan State game in the second round would be solid basketball, maybe one of the most well-played games in the tournament. Neither team would beat Memphis though, so thanks for coming out. 

It feels like the No.10 line is really good this year. St. Mary’s was lucky to make the dance after San Diego got the automatic bid from the WCC but they’re an excellent team, capable of hurting Miami in the first round and Texas in the second. 

That said, if Texas can get out of those first two games in Arkansas, they’re my pick to make the final four.

It’s really too bad No.11 Kentucky is without the services of Patrick Patterson. They’d be a great sleeper pick to make a run. They’ve drawn the twin towers of Stanford for a possible second round game and that could be their last game especially since Stanford won’t have to leave the state. 

The Cardinal are a great team and but essentially don’t have the guard play to beat Texas. 

Playing in nearby Houston, the Longhorns should advance to the final four.


Setting up a Duke vs. Texas, UNC vs. Georgetown final four.

How intense would Duke vs. UNC be for the national championship?

That my friends, would be amazing. 


The Sports Corner will have more predictions as the week moves along.

Here’s your bracket…


East (Charlotte)

1 North Carolina

16 Play in game: Mt St. Mary’s vs. Coppin State

8 Indiana

9 Arkansas

5 Notre Dame 

12 George Mason

4 Washington State

13 Winthrop

6 Oklahoma

11St. Joseph’s

3 Louisville

14 Boise State

7 Butler

10 South Alabama 

2 Tennessee

15 American


Midwest (Detroit)

1 Kansas

16 Portland State


9 Kent State

5 Clemson

12 Villanova

4 Vanderbilt

13 Siena


11 Kansas State

3 Wisconsin

14 Cal St. Fullerton

7 Gonzaga

10 Davidson

2 Georgetown



West (Anaheim)


16 Miss Valley State


9 Texas A&M

5 Drake

12 Western Kentucky

4 Connecticut 

13 San Diego

6 Purdue

11 Baylor

3 Xavier

14 Georgia

7 West Virginia

10 Arizona

2 Duke

15 Belmont


South (Houston)

1 Memphis

16 Texas Arlington

8 Mississippi State

9 Oregon

5 Michigan State

12 Temple

4 Pittsburgh

13 Oral Roberts

6 Marquette

11 Kentucky

3 Stanford

14 Cornell

7 Miami

10 St. Mary’s

2 Texas

15 Austin Peay


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