NCAA Tournament Predictions

So here’s my kick at the can, I expect that it will be a brutal attempt and potentially one of the worst brackets ever put together. So I’ll be out of contention after the first weekend, much like the Big 10 Conference will be.

First round winners: UNC, Indiana, Notre Dame Washington State, St. Joseph’s, Louisville, South Alabama, Tennessee
Sweet 16: UNC, Washington State, Louisville, Tennessee
Elite 8: UNC, Louisville
Final 4: Louisville
First round winners: Kansas, UNLV, Villanova, Vanderbilt, Kansas State, Wisconsin, Davidson, Georgetown
Sweet 16: Kansas, Vanderbilt, Kansas State, Georgetown
Elite 8: Kansas, Georgetown
Final 4: Kansas
First round winners: Memphis, Mississippi State, Michigan State, Pittsburgh, Kentucky, Stanford, St. Mary’s, Texas
Sweet 16: Memphis, Michigan State, Stanford, Texas
Elite 8: Memphis, Texas
Final 4: Memphis
First round winners: UCLA, Texas A&M, Western Kentucky, UConn, Baylor, Xavier, Arizona, Duke
Sweet 16: UCLA, UConn, Xavier, Duke
Elite 8: UCLA, Duke
Final 4: Duke
Louisville over Kansas
Duke over Memphis
Duke over Louisville

F*ck, I should’ve gone with the chalk. Here’s hoping this isn’t the first Final Four with all four No.1 seeds.


One Response

  1. hey looks like tmill u should have used my bracket instead. 4 number 1 seeds in the final 4. :S

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