Chris Long to the Rams at No. 2

With the No. 2 Overall Pick in the NFL Draft

The St. Louis Rams select…

Chris Long, Defensive End, University of Virginia. 

Long is 6’3” 272 lbs. and ran a 4.75 40-yard dash.

He’s been dominating the ACC but I question whether or not he can be a top flight pass-rusher in the NFL. Sure he’s got a “great motor” but is he really worth the No. 2 overall pick? It’s difficult to give up on him because of his bloodlines though. The team who passes on Howie Long’s son might have some bad karma coming their way.

Personally I don’t think there’s a question as to who the top defensive player in the draft is, it’s Glenn Dorsey, passing on him is a mistake. Dorsey can positively affect your defense

Now will the Falcons take quarterback Matt Ryan, or Dorsey since he’s available?

Will Dorsey slide? and what teams will come up to get him?


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