McFadden to the Raiders at No. 4

With the No. 4 Overall Pick in the NFL Draft

The Oakland Raiders select…

Darren McFadden, Running back, University of Arkansas.

McFadden is 6’1” 211 lbs. and ran a 4.33 40-yard dash.

McFadden is the most explosive player in the draft. If you’re just picking for best available talents, McFadden would’ve been the first pick. He can change an offense with his home run hitting ability. JaMarcus Russell now has some help in that backfield. The Raiders have a number of decent backs but nobody who can change gameplans. Defensive coordinators will really have to be weary of where McFadden is on the field at all times, and remember, he can throw the ball pretty well also.

Some teams get caught up in drafting for need. The Raiders made a great move here and picked the best available player. This move, coupled with the off-season pickups they’ve made will put them in position to get out of the AFC cellar.

Now we could see some trade movement…


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