Otah to the Panthers after trade with Philly

Withe the 19th overall pick in the draft

The Carolina Panthers select…

Jeff Otah, Offensive Tackle, University of Pittsburgh.

Otah is 6’5” 323 lbs. and ran a 5.23 40-yard dash. 

Some thought Otah would have gone in the front half of the first round. Both teams have done a nice job working the board to get what they need. Their running game in hand, the Panthers are being very proactive to put together their offense. Steve Smith and Jake Delhomme have to be excited with the way this is going. If this works out, Carolina will be set up nicely, if not, they’re screwed. 

Details of the trade… 

The Panthers have given up too much here. For the 19th overall pick. the Panthers gave up 2nd and 4th rounders this year as well as next year’s 1st rounder.

How Philadelphia pulled this off, I’m not exactly sure. They fleeced the crap out of the Panthers. Sure the Panthers got their guy but at what cost? They had better be right with Jeff Otah or they will be in a hole for the next few years. They’re going to be saddled to this pick for better or worse. 


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