Gillis was right

Before Nonis got canned, it did feel nice to hear him say how close the Canucks were to being an elite contender in the league, as long as everyone was healthy. And I believed him, too.

Last season they did look like a contender, winning the division, winning a tight series against Dallas and amounting the most points in team history. But then, they faced a real contender, and got killed.

So when the new boss Mike Gillis said they weren’t even close to being an elite team, it sounded shocking. But why?

Well, watch a playoff game. Watch the intensity. Watch the grit, the speed, the talent. None of which the Canucks have right now.

It would actually be humorous watching the twins coast in through the blue line playing they’re usual game oh hot potato with the puck, and getting punished by the D-man.

Sure, there were the hopes of Luongo catching fire if the Canucks could maybe squeak in to eighth place and maybe stealing a couple games. But seriously, there ain’t no off and on switch that Bobby was gonna turn on for a playoff game.

If anything, the playoffs would of messed with his head even more.

So hopefully Gillis can keep his word and pick up some hard-nosed, skilled players that are clearly needed on this team. Especially since he’s got the money to do so.



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  1. Yeah, I liked to hear him give such a clear-cut message, myself. It was a bit tough since we were a second-round team last year, but we are not on pace to win a Cup anytime soon. Even though I still think the Canucks are a playoff team when healthy, they aren’t in shape to keep on moving forward. San Jose fans must be getting tired of watching their team die in the second round every year; I don’t feel like cheering for a team that does the same!

    I don’t know if Gillis will have much sense of which players can help or not. But Nonis clearly did not — with the exception of Luongo — and so it’s time to give someone else a chance. And, as I said, I would love to see it be someone who tells us up front what’s needed, not someone who is hush hush about everything behind the scenes.

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