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We are four B.C. journalism students interested in one thing: Sports. We got sick of doing sports related articles that only adhere to our low-budget and athletically challenged school. So as of September 2007, we decided to have our own blog to share our opinions and news stories about the vast world of sports. The four of us eat, sleep and breathe sports, and couldn’t live without it. Trust us.

At TSC you are going to get consistent, controversial and committed articles in relations to sports. It’s all opinion, but it’s justified. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment and let us know what you really think.

We hope you enjoy engaging in our entries and don’t forget to tell your friends about TSC. Also, join our Facebook group here.

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Remember, go big or go home.

Yours truly,

The Sports Corner 

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5 Responses

  1. Can I have Cam Tucker’s phone number…He’s such a stud muffin, so much better than Borat

  2. “Hottie” Schatar Sapphira, Influential VH1 Star and MTV Worldwide Entertainment Phenom, Nominated Best Alternative Artist
    “Hottie” Schatar Sapphira seen here with Snoop Dogg and Flavor Flav
    (Getty Images Photo/Chris Polk)

    Hollywood, California USA September 4, 2008 —

    “Hottie” Schatar Sapphira, influential VH1 star and MTV Worldwide entertainment phenom, is taking the music world by storm with her high energy album “I Love Balls”. The Velocity Magazine Best Alternative Artist Award Nominee will be featured at their upcoming awards show to be held in the Nation’s Capital, Washington DC, November 15, 2008 at the ARC Theater.

    For Media and Publicity Inquiries about “Hottie” Schatar Sapphira contact:
    MoneyBanks Media Management

    Beverly Hills Lead Agent Beatrice Fakhrian
    Mega Artists Agency



  3. Hottie’s nominated /album song is called ” I Love Balls” a tribute to mostly sports and other activites involving balls.
    the music rocks and is great to practice any sport to

  4. I very glad to find this site on bing, just what I was searching for : D also bookmarked .

  5. I m very happy that such good sports website. i really appreciated your efforts for providing great sports news

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