Shapiro couldn’t recruit Trestman

The Sports Corner has learned Marc Trestman, head coach of the Montreal Allouettes, pulled himself out of the University of Miami’s interviewing process, contrary to reports after The U hired Al Golden.
“There just wasn’t any point in getting paid by a school that doesn’t have a booster providing players and coaches, for lack of a better term, boats and hoes,” said Trestman.
“I mean, they offered $2 million per year, and maybe that’s good enough for Golden, but that ain’t me.”
But why, then, would Trestman choose to continue his head coaching career in Montreal?
The answer is clear: strippers in Canada are allowed to get naked.
“That’s a big deal for me,” said Trestman, the former Minnesota Golden Gophers quarterback.
Nevin Shapiro, the booster that admitted to providing illegal benefits to University of Miami players and is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence for his role in a Ponzi scheme, tried to cut a deal with Trestman to lure him to the coaching job.
Shapiro, whilst in prison, friended Trestman on Facebook, followed him on Twitter, and even tried to add him on Nexopia.
Shapiro admitted it was a similar tactic to recruiting 17-year-old underprivileged high school football players.
“I figure if a kid, or even a grown man who I want to coach football at my alma mater, gets a Facebook message offering free hookers on a yacht, they’re not going to turn it down,” said Shapiro.
However, Trestman said he just couldn’t trust a guy that was still in prison.
“I needed those boats, I needed those hoes, but I just wanted them as soon as possible, not in however many years it takes for this guy to get paroled,” he said.
“There’s no way I can recruit the best players in the state of Florida without those types of recruiting tools.”

Football Finale

So did you watch the Grey Cup game? Ya, neither did I.

Congratulations to the Saskatchewan Roughriders for winning their first title in however-many years, but honestly, we don’t care. The battle of the Prairies sounds about as boring as Bob Cole’s voice.

I watched the highlights of this match, and maybe it was an entertaining showing by both teams, but who am I to judge since I didn’t even watch it, right? Let’s ask those who actually tuned in to the game. Anyone?

Maybe besides the Toronto fans, who showed up to watch Lenny Kravitz perform, and of course, the loyal supporters of the competing squads, there wasn’t much generated interest. It just wasn’t appealing.

Call me bitter, call me sour, it doesn’t matter. A majority of CFL fans will tell you that they would prefer to watch the league’s best B.C. Lions take on the “supposed” home team, Toronto Argonauts. But unfortunately, both teams were eliminated last week in the Conference finals. 

So here we have it, this Sunday, the Grey Cup final. The CFL Glory.

And Canadians across the country were presented with a Winnipeg – Saskatchewan match-up. Maybe I’m not the right person to say it, but it seemed like just another ticker headline. 

Still on the subject of football, I was really impressed while watching the Kansas City Chiefs game today. I don’t know why but I’ve always been a big fan of K.C.’s running backs and Kolby Smith was no exception. Priest Holmes has always been one of my favourites and Larry Johnson is unbelievable as well. Smith had a great game today, and scored two TDs while producing some potential highlight reel runs.

Nice to at least see some form of good football today. 

Finally, One More Week Left.


I tried to give the CFL a chance this year.

It failed.

Yes, the rules can produce an astoundingly exciting game, but when a team isn’t playing particularly well the results can be disastrous. The end game sequence especially.

The game’s final three minutes can draw comparisons to a basketball game. There’s simply no conceivable way to run down the clock. Of course you can run the ball twice and force the other team to use two timeouts but that doesn’t offer much of a chance towards getting a first down.

I just can’t stand orange penalty flags or yellow coach’s challenge flags. I hate no yards penalties and calling delay of game, a “time clock violation“.

There’s no use for the wider field or the twelfth man and ditto for 20-yard endzones.

If I have to hear another announcer talk about two and outs … let’s say I’m welcoming the apocalypse.

This part isn’t exclusively to the CFL or even just to football but if another sports analyst uses something that rhymes for his keys to the game I’m going to snap.

Then I’ll never have to write about this disgrace of a game again.

What’s the point of scoring a single point? (when it isn’t the PAT)

Common Theme in Sports This Week?

There seems to be a recurring theme in the sporting world this week.

Trash talking.  Seems to be what all the members of the sports media want to talk about and all that the athletes and fans want to do to their opponents or rivals.

The latest case of talkin’ smack happened in Toronto, where Argos linebacker Kevin Eiben came out in a Winnipeg newspaper and stated that the Blue Bombers offence wouldn’t score more than 10 points against the Argo’s stingy defence.  That is the ultimate beak.  Talking like that makes for good headlines and an incredible tension going into the game.  If you’re from Winnipeg or a Winnipeg player, you say “wow, that mo**f**r, he wants to talk like that then we’ll throw it right back in his face.”  If you’re an Argo or an Argo fan, you might say “wow, he seems confident, but are you sure you want to awake the sleeping giant?”

Let’s face it.  Reading quotes in the paper or seeing clips on television of a player just come out to the media and outright belittle the other team is awesome because it’s entertaining.  That’s what makes sports and question period in Parliament so interesting. 

The only problem with talkin’ smack is backing it up.  Talking the talk is one thing and if you can’t do it, well then sports and politics may not be for you.  But if someone talks some trash, they better be willing and able to back it up, otherwise they look like a fool.

Blue Bombers quarterback Kevin Glenn declined to comment on what Eiben said the other day.  Okay, so it’s not nearly as entertaining as it could’ve been had Glenn slung some mud back in Eiben’s face, but it was smart. 

Here’s why.  Had Glenn commented and then rifled back some smack of his own and then gone out on Sunday and been dismantled by the Argos defence, then he would like a fool.  A complete and utter fool.  If he keeps his mouth shut and let’s his play on the field do all the talking and absolutly stomps on Eiben on the scoreboard, then he looks like a focused, determined hero.

So he didn’t bark back.  We in the media were a little upset he didn’t, because then we could write article after article on the drama that is said in the dressing room leading into the game, ultimately our job.

The one good thing about the Lions and Roughriders not beaking off to each other is that they seem quite focused to do their talking on the field, the way it should be.  These are two titans were the two best teams in the CFL this year, so why lip off each other.  It would make for an interesting story line into the game, but the fact that it’s Saskatchewan and their mascot Gainer the freaking Gopher and 98% of all Saskatchewan-born-residents-turned-Vancouverites are still part of Roughrider Nation is story enough.

Ahh trash talking.  The most entertaining aspect of sports leading up to a big game.  Hopefully for Kevin Eiben and the rest of the Pinball Clemons-led Argos, they can back it up.

Sunday To Be Vancouver’s Best or Worst Day Ever

Sunday will be the best or worst day of 2007 in Vancouver.

The Lions are taking on those peskie Saskatchewan Roughriders and the rest of the wheat farmer bunch that make up ‘Rider Nation’ to move onto the 2007 Grey Cup. The Canucks are taking on the Minnesota Wild shortly after the Lions game in another key Northwestern Division contest, which will prove to be a muck-and-grind kind of game. The Giants are taking on the Kelowna Rockets at the Pacific Coliseum on Sunday as well in WHL action.

This weekend, as mentioned at the beginning of this blog, can go one of two ways. Excellent or disasterous.

Needless to say, if the Lions lose, then Vancouver will be an interesting place as over 50,000 people are expected to be at the Lions game. Don’t kid yourself, more than 10,000 people (be them Saskatchewan or B.C. fans) will be upset and that should make for an interesting four hours while the Canucks do battle.

The Canucks, coming off of a hard-fought, 1-0 shoot-out loss to the Edmonton Oilers, will be determined to beat the Wild. Having said that, Minnesota has had the Canucks number the past few years and it is quite possible the Canucks will lose to the Wild. Could you imagine going 0-2 in the first two, big games of Sunday? This city would go nuts and there would be an awful lot of angry, drunk Vancouverites. Combine that with hated Saskatchewan fans and Minnesota Wild fans then we have the makings for a riot. God forbid.

The Giants, who are arguably the best team in the Canadian Hockey League, will defeat Kelowna. The Giants are coming off of an impressive victory in Kamloops and the Rockets aren’t nearly the team of the early part of the decade. Only problem is that the Giants won’t garner a huge crowd because almost everybody will be downtown.

Just a side note from the sports. Beer sales at every restaurant, pub, bar and liquor store promise to rise 1000 per cent from last Sunday and drunkeness and rowdyness will be at an all time high. Bring it on!

But let’s put a different spin, a more celebratory spin on this Sunday coming up.

It’s a huge weekend. This weekend promises to be a good weekend for sports in Vancouver. The last time there were over 50,000 people in B.C. Place for a Lions game was against Saskatchewan in 2004. The Lions won in overtime on a field goal, while now Lions kicker Paul McCallum missed an 18-yard field goal attempt to give Saskatchewan the lead in the overtime. The game notes aside, the atmosphere in that stadium on that day was incredible. Nothing compares to 50,000 fans making as much noise as humanly possible for a football game. 50,000 people doing the wave is pretty sweet too.

This weekend has the potential to be the greatest sports weekend in the City of Vancouver … unless the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, but that might not happen for a good, long time.

West Division Championship Preview: Lions and Roughriders

lions Roughriders

Once again, it’s going to be the Roughriders from Saskatchewan doing battle against the B.C. Lions for the right to represent the CFL’s West Division in the Grey Cup.

Getting sick of the rivalry already? Ha ha, of course not!

Being a west coast team, the Lions don’t really have a geographical rivalry so we had to adopt the Saskatchewan Roughriders as our rival team.

After all, 98 per cent of all Saskatchewan born residents move to B.C. to pursue something other than wheat farming and other things that revolve around wheat.

Enough joking around. This Sunday, the two most dominant teams in the CFL will do battle for the West Division Championship and what a game it promises to be. Both teams have a dynamic offence and the Roughriders have been the beneficiary of the cast-aways from the now defunked Ottawa Renegade franchise, as well as beleaguered players from the CFL’s worst team, the Hamilton Tigercats.


Riders quarterback, Kerry Joseph, has been the most improved of all pivots that have come through the CFL in the past five seasons and was rewarded for his efforts by being named the West Division’s nominee for Most Outstanding Player. Not only has Joseph impoved as an individual player, he has made others around him better.

Even with the injury to their top receiver, Matt Dominguez, Joseph found new targets like Andy Fantuz and D.J. Flick and on top of that, the star quarterback rushed for over 730 yards (737) and ran the ball in for 13 touchdowns.

So not only can Joseph hurt you through the air, but he can hurt you on the ground as well. The Lions defence is going to have to work for every stop against the Roughriders, who embarrassed B.C. on home turf in August, handing down a 21-9 defeat to a, at-the-time, struggling opponent.

The Lions, to their credit, have been the best team in the CFL for about 85 per cent of the season. As Roughriders general manager Eric Tillman said on TEAM 1040 yesterday, “good teams always find a way to win.”

The Lions did just that for most of the season.

Having said that, don’t mistake finding a way to win with pure luck. Luck had little or nothing to do with how the Lions won games this year.

It can’t be luck when the third-string quarterback, Jarious Jackson, can come in midway through the season and find a way to lead a highly touted offence that includes the likes of Joe Smith, Geroy Simon and Regina native, Jason Clermont.

Like the Riders, the Lions can hurt you through the air and on the ground. Joe Smith exposed many defenses this season and led the CFL in rushing yards, running for over 1,500 yards on the season.

But offence beware. As good as both teams are when it comes to putting up points, both teams are equally effective when it comes to keeping the other team off the scoreboard.

For Sunday, count on the following.

A large group of green coloured Roughrider fans, otherwise known as Rider Nation, will be attending. There will be good football, big hits and another close finish as these two titans will go head-to-head for the right to go to the Grey Cup in Toronto.

Scott’s Thoughts

Ed Willes has his, I have mine.

  • I’m really glad I didn’t watch the Seahawks’ blow a 21-3 lead to Cleveland, thank you Colts and Patriots for not subjecting me to that ridiculousness, and actually letting me watch a good football game.
  • Apparently the GMs in the NFL that had the top five picks in the draft last season are starting a club where they watch Adrian Peterson’s record-breaking 296 yard rushing game over and over again and cry about what could have been. That is a good Chargers defence he dismantled.
  • Why did Luc Bourdon finally play well on Friday? Simple. It’s the first time nothing was expected of him.
  • Who cares if the Lions won an ugly game? They set a franchise record for wins in a season, with the bulk of those coming from the arm of their third string quarterback. Saskatchewan is going to beat Calgary, and as much as I hate to say it, the ‘Riders haven’t even seen Dickenson yet, and you know Buono’s gonna start him, and you know the Lions are going to win.
  • Give it to the end of this week and Sidney Crosby will surpass Henrik Zetterberg for the scoring lead.
  • Scott Rintoul is a better writer than I would have thought.
  • What is with this Canucks’ schedule? 3 day layoffs followed by back to back games and span of 21 days where they only play divisional games? It’s about time they do something about it.
  • Sure, trade Kobe to Chicago. Then you have the Chicago Lakers. Good on ya.